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Naamloos 1








Naamloos 1

8 months


Breeder: Katja Hoff


Owner: Katja Mateboer

Hips: A
Height: 63
Elbows: OCD free
Weight: 35
DM N/N d.o.b.: 25 january 2015
Bleu Dilute: No Carrier Scissor bite: Full and correct
JME: Free

We did kept Morgan, because she has such a great pedigree that we could not recied to not keeping a puppy! Her blodline goes back to my boy DODGE and his son Zorro, her grandmom is Vizara Iringa who was the grandmom to my second litter of Bindi and Helios.... and ofcourse her dad is My boy Benson, who is from my 3rd litter. With this behind her I would have her in my home. 


She is a very easy going puppy, understand a lot what she needs to do and not, and open spirit with a great temper



Her first show was at the RRCN 2015 were she became BISS puppy!!!



 EVF 3249

BISS Puppy RRCN 2015




8 months



1 year