• He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

  • your defender, your dog. You are his life,

  • his love, his leader He will be yours, faithful and true,

  • faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

  • You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

N'Gai Zamu

Rhodesian Ridgeback

NJK'13, EJS'13, RJS'13, DJC'13

German Champion

N’Gai Zamu CamaRRo Vengeance


Frozen Semen Available









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Benson 2 years


Naamloos 1 klein

Benson 4 years

Breeder: Katja Mateboer


Owner: Katja Mateboer


Hips: A Height: 68 cm
Elbows: ED free Schoulders: Free Weight: 47
Show results d.o.b.: 08 June 2012
Scissor bite: Correct and complete  
DM:N/N Bleu Dilute: No Carrier
 Frozen semen available JME: Free

The story about Benson is a story I will never forget. He was the puppy in the litter everyone liked, and everyone did pick him out also with the choose of the best puppy in the litter. They say that he is one extraordinary puppy and one to keep or to have on coowning. The last thing I did, he went to a very good family in coown and we have till now good contact, but after a few days he came back because it was to heavy for them. But at that time I had 4 ridgebacks in my home, Bindi stayed with us because Saskia and family were on holiday, and I was alone because my husband was away for 6 months for his work. And my sweet friend Leonie Huitema, said please bring him to me, and so we did. She fel in love with him direct, and when Bindi was away Benson came back, Leonie had a hard time…, and he stole my heart to again….. At that time I still did not think about it that he had to stay, but when I talked to people who wanted him….. my heart said no…. He is very special and he had to stay no mather what….. My mom did realize how good the relationshipwas between Benson and me… and she opened my eyes…. Thank you for that mom!

Now after that we have had only good times, he is a ridgeback to my heart, he is funny, sweet and naughty, but that is what I like. He is growing in to a strong powerfull but still elegant ridgeback male. The way he came to our lives is a real bless. Sometimes live gives you something you did not think about....



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N'Gai Zamu Rhodesian Ridgeback





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