• He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

  • your defender, your dog. You are his life,

  • his love, his leader He will be yours, faithful and true,

  • faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

  • You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

N'Gai Zamu

Rhodesian Ridgeback


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16 October 2015

We have a new Champion in the house

N'Gai Zamu CamaRRo Vengaunce


German Champion!!!!!

From 22 males in the open class he became 1st with a excelent, and get

his last piont for the championtitle!!.

We are so happy!!!!

Judge was Jean Pierre Achtergael


12 October 2015

Puppies are born at the kennel Ohiniya, Between Kira en Benson

8 Legendary girls and boys....
4 dogs and 4 bitches

All in good health, with beautiful long ridges, no kink tailes, no block tails, untill so far no DS.

The Legends have a dark color with black masks and minimum of white

Look for more please visite www.ohiniya.nl




03/04 October 2015

What a day at the dogshow in Zwolle

Morgan, Of Golden Highland Be Forever 2nd best female

Benson, N'Gai Zamu CamaRRo Vengaunce 2nd Best Male Rec.CAC Full CACIB



22 september 2015

What a day at the showin Houten! Organized by the RRCN

Benson, N'Gai Zamu CamaRRo Vengaunce 3rd best Male in the breeders class

Morgan, Of Golden Highland Be Forever ended as BISS PUPPY 2015




04 August 2015

What a day at the show in Bremen! Organized by the DZRR club. With beautiful blankets

and key ring!!! Judge was Brigitte Bregenzer (A) she gives Benson, N'Gai Zamu CamaRRo

Vengaunce 1excl. Best Male and BOB!!! Thank you!

Than we were 3BOG Judge Erwin Deutscher (A)

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The next day we go back to do a national show in Bremen.

Organized by the RRCD, Judge Iris Urschitz (A) gives Benson N'Gai Zamu CamaRRo Vengeance

1 exl CAC so now we have 4 CAC!!! We need only 1 to become German Champion!!!!


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03 June 2015

 We are proud to say that Benson will be Dad again, from beautiful Senna

If you are intrested in a puppy from them please contact Dimphy from the Kennel

Aila Adhama www.senna-en-djiba.nl



02 April 2015


What can I say, super proud, feeling fantastic!!! 11 little wonders came to this world, and Benson is Dad again. Big congratulations to Sarah Polk and amazing mom Rayha xxxx

For more information please go to http://www.njia-jamaa.de/



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