Litter C


BJW’06 LaSimba Out Of N’Gai Zamu



Multi Ch. Jasper’s Mlangahill Durango


About Zanta

Breeder: Fiona Long

Import Australia

Red brown colour

No Bleu gene

Hips: HD A

Elbows :ED/OCD Free

All Teeth


Height: 62.5

Weight: 32 kg

d.o.b.: 23 Sept. 2005

Belgium Junior Winner 2005

Vice Bundesjugendsieger 2006

2nd best youth female at the RRCN clubmatch


2x CAC to the Dutch Champion

2x CACIB to the International Champion

About Durango

Red Brown Colour

Hips :HD A

Elbows : ED/OCD Free

Full dentition

Height : 69 cm

Weight : 42 kg

d.o.b: 09-07-2004

Link to the Durango


Swiss Youth-Champion
Swiss Champion
International Champion
German Champion
Italian Champion

Austria Champion
2005 Jouth St. Gallen and Lausanne (CH)
2005 Best Male from the Swiss Breed

2007 Best Male from the Swiss Breed

2008 Best Male from the Swiss Breed

2009 Best Male from the Swiss Breed

2010 Best Male from the Swiss Breed
2008 Best head Clubshow RRCI
2009 Landessieger Bayern
2009 Rheinland-Pfalz-Sieger









@Karin van KLaveren







The Surch:

It was again a difficult surch…. What will fit to Zanta   and he needs to be healthy and sweet, who complete her in every way… And offcourse I would love to use a Dodge offspring, but than I can not use Dodge to the babies of this combination…. So I had to let go that idea. Fore a long surch I came to Durango, he did breed ones in Holland and I did like those offsprings and than I did dive into his pedigree and further kids. And I did liked what I saw!!! He has some stunning family. His Dad Danest Tjabo Letsatsi, is als the grand dad of Vuana, who is Dodge daughter, I love Vuana’s   mother who is the halfsister to Durango, and than I came more exiting, because I know what he did give to his kids, and I like that very much. Also from mom side there are wonderfull ridgeback in it. Offcourse the well know Globes Roving Red Regent, he is a ridgeback who I like very much just a old fashion, not to much of everything, just perfect!!! So I am very please to have so much good ridgeback into my breedingplan!!! Thanks you Karin to let me use Durango fore Zanta’s last litter.


We, Leonie and I went to the show in Germany to see Durango, and when we did saw him he was very calm, self a sure and stable ridgeback, we did had a walk to the park with Zanta, and I saw direct that they fit one a other very well, what Zanta needs he had it, and one way around, what he has less Zanta has. That was the moment I was thinking yes, he is what we need!!!! He did also very well in the showring, qith multi BOB placements and being the best breed ridgeback from his country, he has beautiful kids, some breeders did use him more often because they were very pleased with the litter, fore now he did not have given any ridgeless, his kids are doing very well!!! I know his pedigree very well, did saw many ridgeback with the same ridgebacks in it, and they are all the types that fits me very well. Well balanced ridgeback with an overall good construction, and pleased character and good health. And off course mother nature has to do the job with us. But I have surch everything and fore me this is a perfect combination!!!


With Zanta I was looking on the internet for about two years, to look for a good pedigree with outstanding ridgebacks who are doing so well in show, champions and Grand champions. And also I was looking fore more front chest and ofcourse good angulations and type and good temperament. Than I found on the internet the combination of the parent of Zanta and I wanted from that combination a female puppy, but it was in Australia, so we arranged everything to bring this girl to Holland, she is doing very well in show. Zanta is a ridgeback with a lot of enthusiastic and energy, a lot!! She jumps like a rabbit so high and comes down on here front feet, or wanted to play and get in front of Dodge and ask him to play with her paw on his noise. She loves to sit down with you on the sofa and make here so small that she can lay so close to you. She has a outstanding temper and loves Stan my son. Zanta is coming out of a litter with 7, all perfect. Not much white. Some has been x/rayed with hips A and elbows free from everything.

Thanks to the breeder Fiona Long who send me this super stunning girl. Who I love very much.

What to expect of the puppies

What I think to expect Durango and Zanta together are: good type of ridgeback, sweet temper, nice bone and body and feet. I love the fact that they complete one a other in the pedigree but also how they both are in conformation. I hope that the kids will get everything what they have!!! It is very hard to find a male fore your female that fits well in how he looks and how his pedigree is, and I found both in Durango! I feel in in my heart and that’s way I am sure that this will be a stunning combination!!!


This pedigree of the puppies will be outcross, no line breeding at all, but Zanta has a line breeding of two famous ridgebacks of Australia,  Aust. Gr. Ch. Bearstar Chilean Willow and ROM and Aust Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD ROM. They, their progeny and grand-progeny are also multiple show winners, like there son Aust Grand Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko who has about 11 champions, and is multi BIS and BISS-winner. Not to forget S Fin Ch Djungelkattens Imbue Ridged Isak, sire of 20 champions with a lot of CC holders. Ch Tatoo’s Rhuben Van Rooyen (Swd) one of my favourite dogs in here pedigree. MBISS RUBISS Gr Ch  Riginal Patience ET who is also a grand champion, the 3rd generation with this title. Than here son and dad of Zanta BIS/RUBIS/RUBISS Ch Riginal Do U Get Excited ET (AI) who is a very sound ridgeback with a lot of movement. And than here mother Ch. Starridge Kamili Zenith, as here owner Fiona Long did said about here: As well as being a fantastic companion to both her canine and human family, Zenith also achieved great things in the show ring and attained her Australian Championship title on 31st December 2000 under judge Mrs Croad (QLD). Zenith is a multiple Class in Show/Opposite Class in Show and Class in Group winner at both Speciality and All Breeds levels. Zenith exuded show attitude and this and this made her an absolute pleasure to handle in the show ring. And that’s way with all these great ridgebacks in here pedigree I wanted that Zanta did come to Holland, and now I have Zanta here and it is so great to have Zanta as a very very good friend fore the family. And I love to show here.


Durango’s pedigree is an African pdigree, I love his pedigree very much because I know the ridgebacks in it very well, they have given typical ridgeback what I love, old fashion with everything in off, not to much. But how the ridgeback has to be, so that they can do there job were they are breed fore!

I am in love with Durango’s character, self a sure and he loves his owner Karin very much, I did see the band what they have, the same what I had with Dodge….. I love his head, expression, his body fits very well to Zanta, I think we will get well balances offsprings with big ears hihihi nice dark eyes and beautiful angels. Owww I love to see the puppies, because I feel in my heart that this combination will be perfect.. and that’s way I love to breed!!!

Totally outcross pedigree, and 1 linebreed pedigree’s of Zanta (what I love)

Of totally different ridgebacks, but with the same type in pedigree!

Scroll down you will see what I mean!!! Have fun, I did!!


MCH Jasper's Mlangahill
SHSB LOS 633109
HD-B / ED 00 /OCD free
Austria HD A
Danest Tjabo Letsatsi CH.(RSA.)
Apalachee Umgolo of Pronkberg
KUSA. BH000082
Pronkberg Matange



Ch. Ingwe Of Pronkberg

Kulima Zena KOMKHULU'S Nkosana
SIARAM Jalla of Kulima
Byways Izonka
KUSA. BG027448
Bayside Kivu of Byways ZABEMA Tecon
Masooda Tessa
Ayla of Byways PLEASANTVIEW Seswai of Jana
Jana Shebalana
Jabonga Mlanga
SHSB LOS 542940


Int. Ch. Gabaza's Cabo
NSHB 518098
KUSA BE046805, SHSB452306
Umvuma Fosiwa

Oranjeland Sebra

USA BB0155484

Lionhill Zinga
KUSA BE034815, SHSB458898
Chucklenbook Kidron
KUSA BB008169
Maxwood Madumbi
KUSA BE001545
Tatsfield Red Rose Magic
KUSA BH 020728
Ch. Globes Roving Red Regent
KUSA CG000070
Ch. Royaltons Blue Max
AKC HD651097
Ch. Globes Calia Toi Soldier
AKC HD217631
Tatsfield Red Acushla
KUSA BF031956
Globe Casinos Shaka Mzazi
Ch. Isabella Of Tatsfield
KUSA BC004603
BJW’06 LaSimba Out Of N’Gai Zamu

Aust. Ch. Riginal Do U Get Excited

Swd Ch Tatoo’s Rhuben Van Rooyen (Swd) Swd Fin Ch Djungelkattens Imbue Ridges Isak Loustigens Dancing Nelson Swd
Swd Ch Djungelkattens Cachet Ridges Cobra Swd
Tatoo’s Prima Vera (Swd) Swd Ch Maridadis Ego Gubben Nwg
Swd Ch Djungelkattens Big Box Basanji Swd
Aust.Ch. Riginal Patience Aust Gr Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko ET Aust Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD
Aust Gr Ch Bearstar Chilean Willow
Aust. Ch. Jamaidenlee Shambani ET Chisinga Call Othewild
Bubezi Cleondinosedestin

Aust. Ch. Starridge Kamili Zenith

Aust. Ch. Sanbele Katana

Rothridge Blade Austr. Ch. Veldthund Sabre E.T.
Aust.CH. Wendani Feketisa
Baeimooi Dot With The Lot Austr. Ch. Vishala Sikoto
Aust.CH. Wendani Feketisa
Aust. Ch. Starridge Litle Sunshine Aust Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD Eilack Apollo (Imp.UK)
Aust.Ch. Ujamaa Ceres

Aust. Gr. Ch. Beastar Chilean Willow ROM

Aust.CH. Veldthund Sabre E.T.
Aust.Ch. Bearstar Itchycoo Park