• He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

  • your defender, your dog. You are his life,

  • his love, his leader He will be yours, faithful and true,

  • faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

  • You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

N'Gai Zamu

Rhodesian Ridgeback



Litter B


BJW’06 LaSimba Out Of N’Gai Zamu



Int.Ch Lux.Youth Ch. Aresvuma Vividjo Makini


About Zanta

Breeder: Fiona Long

Import Australia

Red brown colour

No Bleu gene

Hips: HD A

Elbows :ED/OCD Free

All Teeth


Height: 62.5

Weight: 32 kg

d.o.b.: 23 Sept. 2005

Belgium Junior Winner 2005

Vice Bundesjugendsieger 2006

2nd best youth female at the RRCN clubmatch


2x CAC to the Dutch Champion

2x CACIB to the International Champion

About Misha

Breeder : S. Malinnikova

Import Rusland

Red Brown Colour

Hips :HD A

Elbows : ED/OCD Free

Full dentition

Height : 69 cm

Weight : 44 kg

d.o.b: 15-08-2005

Link to the owner of Misha


Eurodogshow Junior Winner

Luxemburg Youth champion

Internationale Champion

Candidate to :

Dutch Champion

French Champion

Luxembourg Champion










@Karin van KLaveren



@Bonnie van den Born




@Bonnie van den Born



The Surch:

I have bin been all over the world by internet, I saw a lot of litters, a lot of stud dogs. I love Dodge offspring’s!!!! But I didn’t wanted with this litter no Dodge in the lines, because in my head I wanted to use Dodge some day again in my kennel, and I have had a beautiful litter from him with Zanta. I love the lines of Zanta but Zanta has a linebreed pedigree, and I will not linebreed on that, I wanted something new, but it has to be gooood. New lines that I didn’t know scared me a bit, because when I do breed I have to have information about, health, good temperament, I have to know how the parents produce and grandparents, I have to see how they developed. And that I have found in Misha’s pedigree. I know some of the dogs of misha’s pedigree , I know their offsprings and breedings with other pedigrees and I always liked that, I love their construction, heads and expressions!!! Therefore I choose Misha for my B litter.


About Misha: Misha was imported from Russia in October 2005, he is from well established bloodlines, and both his parents are Multi Champions and have very nice and loving characters. The litter he came from was without any fault, his father Vincent had 7 litters so far, nearly all correct! See Vincents litter statistics on Aresvuma website. But above this, Misha has a very nice character, never any problem with other males, very friendly for people and a real friend for children. He likes to cuddle on the couch as much as possible but on the other hand he is a real hunter who is always tracking and searching for rabbits to chase! He lives with Basheera is his true love, they are always together. He shows Sandor (the oldest male) his respect and till now Misha never tries to take over his role in the pack. He is also very good with young puppies, when Basheera had her first litter he was allowed to raise the pups with her, it was really a pleasure to see him taking care for kids. So we are so happy with this  very stable male, I hope he passes his character through on his offspring, because in the first place a Ridgeback has to be a member of the family, a friend for life. Misha did also a very good job in the show ring so far, see his show results. Even in such a stressful environment he not only shows his beauty and real Ridgeback expression, but also his stable and friendly character. That is my number 1 health and temperament!!!


With Zanta I was looking on the internet for about two years, to look for a good pedigree with outstanding ridgebacks who are doing so well in show, champions and Grand champions. And also I was looking fore more front chest and ofcourse good angulations and type and good temperament. Than I found on the internet the combination of the parent of Zanta and I wanted from that combination a female puppy, but it was in Australia, so we arranged everything to bring this girl to Holland, she is doing very well in show. Zanta is a ridgeback with a lot of enthusiastic and energy, a lot!! She jumps like a rabbit so high and comes down on here front feet, or wanted to play and get in front of Dodge and ask him to play with her paw on his noise. She loves to sit down with you on the sofa and make here so small that she can lay so close to you. She has a outstanding temper and loves Stan my son. Zanta is coming out of a litter with 7, all perfect. Not much white. Some has been x/rayed with hips A and elbows free from everything.

Thanks to the breeder Fiona Long who send me this super stunning girl. Who I love very much.

What to expect of the puppies

What I think to expect Misha and Zanta together is very nice temper, good conformation, and nice paws. I think both dogs complete one another, same type, expression, body. What Zanta has very good, has Misha some less and the same with Misha, what he has very good, has Zanta a bit less, but both have so much good points that those will be confirmed in the puppies. And I have a very very good feeling about those two. Also when you see the pedigrees, wow so much good ridgebacks in it who have made there stamps into the ridgeback world, in show, in offsprings and their offsprings, so no doubt about that when we put these two ridgebacks together that has to be good.


This pedigree of the puppies will be outcross, no line breeding at all, but Zanta has a line breeding of two famous ridgebacks of Australia,  Aust. Gr. Ch. Bearstar Chilean Willow and ROM and Aust Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD ROM. They, their progeny and grand-progeny are also multiple show winners, like there son Aust Grand Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko who has about 11 champions, and is multi BIS and BISS-winner. Not to forget S Fin Ch Djungelkattens Imbue Ridged Isak, sire of 20 champions with a lot of CC holders. Ch Tatoo’s Rhuben Van Rooyen (Swd) one of my favourite dogs in here pedigree. MBISS RUBISS Gr Ch  Riginal Patience ET who is also a grand champion, the 3rd generation with this title. Than here son and dad of Zanta BIS/RUBIS/RUBISS Ch Riginal Do U Get Excited ET (AI) who is a very sound ridgeback with a lot of movement. And than here mother Ch. Starridge Kamili Zenith, as here owner Fiona Long did said about here: As well as being a fantastic companion to both her canine and human family, Zenith also achieved great things in the show ring and attained her Australian Championship title on 31st December 2000 under judge Mrs Croad (QLD). Zenith is a multiple Class in Show/Opposite Class in Show and Class in Group winner at both Speciality and All Breeds levels. Zenith exuded show attitude and this and this made her an absolute pleasure to handle in the show ring. And that’s way with all these great ridgebacks in here pedigree I wanted that Zanta did come to Holland, and now I have Zanta here and it is so great to have Zanta as a very very good friend fore the family. And I love to show here.


Misha's pedigree contains champions and champions and champions, but not only that, he has a Linebreeding on Vumba the most famous ridgeback in Holland, than the beautiful Pansa who has great offsprings and a dog who has to be in your pedigree, because I love his conformation, and what he gives to his kids. And than Yardena seen her, such a beautiful lady!!! Also her daughter Iringa Mom of Misha, beautiful body beautiful colour, good female head. Than Misha’s dad, a stud dog who have given nice long ridges, no sinus, no ridgeless, only 2 kinked tails and 2 multi crowns over 52 puppies, he has the most perfect long ridge and is awarded fore that, and he did very well in show a real show man

I am in love with Misha stunning head, so much expression, nice dark clean eyes, good front chest, enough rear angels, nice croupe, great feat, good tail set he fit’s very well to Zanta that’s fore sure.

I am very excited how these two come together and make puppies, if you have any question please ask me:

0031(0)546 802679 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Totally outcross pedigree, and two linebreed pedigree’s

of totally different ridgebacks, but with the same type!!

I am very very curious what is coming out of that, can’t wait!!!!


Int. Ch. Aresvuma Vividjo Makini of Madzinza LJK

Int, Rus, Grand, RKF, Bul, Mol, Rom, Ukr, Blr CW Vincent Ch. Int, Rus, Grand, BLR, Ukr. Mol CW Saimon  INT,RUS,RKF,BLR,UKR CH Verbus Demibuff Exotic 
Verbus Asunta
A'TZhina   Simba Boy Of Kwazulu
Caiwana Satanela 
Ch. Rus, Grand, BLR, Ukr, Mol CWVizara Iringa

Ch. Int. Dutch, It. Swiss, Lux. RRCN clubwinner Shangani Pansa


Multi CH Umvutcha Matobo Of Shangani, ZKC
Multi CH Sarula Chikadzi
Ch. Int. Dutch, French Lux. Vizara Dazi Yardena Int,Fra,Nld,Blg,Spa,Lux,Ger,Isr,VDH CH WW Vumba
F.CH/JW'94 Kore Chirembo Beni's Ridges Beit Lucka



BJW’06 LaSimba Out Of N'Gai Zamu

Ch. Riginal Do U Get Excited
Ch Tatoo’s Rhuben Van Rooyen 
Ch.Djungelkattens Imbue Ridges Isak
Tatoo’s Prima Vera
Ch. Riginal Patience Ch. Bearstar Doulen Ko ET
Jamaidenlee Shambani ET

Ch. Starridge Kamili Zenith

Ch. Sanbele Katana Rothridge Blade
Baeimooi Dot With The Lot
Ch. Starridge Litle Sunshine
Ch Bearstar Ko CD
Ch. Beastar Chilean Willow 



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